All original artwork is by Maryann Lucas

Maryann Lucas is honored to have been part of the Sag Harbor American Music Festival making the cover art each year since its inception in 2011.

“I have been in love with life in Sag Harbor since I started summering here back when I was a little girl,” she says. “When Kelly told me about her plans for the first Sag Harbor American Music Festival, I thought it was a perfect fit for the village and I wanted to help her make it happen.”

Lucas says she was excited by the idea that the festival was for the people of Sag Harbor and that it would include local musicians sponsored by the restaurants and businesses of the village.  Lucas offered to make a painting featuring one of the bands in front of an important Sag Harbor locale. Dodds loved the idea and for the past five years, Lucas has created paintings with 5 different groups of musicians in front of 5 different beautiful Sag Harbor buildings. The original paintings are raffled off each year with proceeds from raffle sales going to the Festival.  The reward for Lucas?

“Being part of the Sag Harbor American Music Festival, I have fallen more in love with Sag Harbor, which I didn’t think was possible,” she says. “By painting the Whaler’s Church, the windmill, The American Hotel, all of the beautiful structures, I am more appreciative of the village’s historic architecture. Selling raffles the day of the festival, I have met so many upbeat, happy, amazing people who love living and visiting here. And, I now know the musicians, and so many on a first name basis. They are such great people. I love being part of the festival. It fills me to the brim.”


Maryann Lucas lives and works in Sag Harbor with her studio right in the heart of the village. She is primarily self-taught but has also received instruction and support from wonderful and generous members of the artistic community on the eastern end of Long Island. Working exclusively in oils, Lucas sets out almost daily to create intimate plein aire landscapes and seascapes. In her studio, she works directly from life and captures the beauty of north light as it transforms ordinary still life objects into visual delights.

Lucas is an impressionist and wants her work to celebrate all that is well with this world, despite its pockets of darkness. “For me,” she says, “I know I am in the presence of something beautiful, when it steals my breath, silences my mind, pushes out everything else and draws me in. I trust that feeling. I use it to guide my hands as I arrange a still life or scan a landscape to determine where to set down my easel.  Ultimately, that sensation is what drives me to paint and to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

You can see Lucas’s work at the Grenning Gallery located at 17 Washington Street in Sag Harbor. Gallery representation also includes, Spa Fine Art in Saratoga Springs, New York and Sheldon Fine Art in Naples, Florida. Artworks can also be seen on her website:

Lucas has studied with favorite artists including, Ben Fenske, Melissa Franklin, Ramiro Sanchez, and the late Jack Riggio, a prominent local artist from Southampton, NY. Lucas has taken classes at the Victor D’Amico Art Institute in Amagansett, NY and The Art Students League in New York, NY. She earned her B.A. from Georgetown University and her masters from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She is married and has two grown daughters.

2016 Musician at the Library

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Sag Harbor American Music Festival​

Musicians at the 5 & 10  by Maryann Lucas

Special Thanks to The Nancy Atlas Project, our models!